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Schools in the Hardee County School District

Use the drop-down below to select a School from the Hardee County School District

SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
Bowling Green Elementary4530 S Church Ave
Bowling Green FL 33834-0158
8633752288   615 Regular 
Bowling Green Youth Academy4705 Hwy 17 N
Bowling Green FL 33834-0369
8633752000   53 Other/Alternative 
Hardee County Superintendent's Office1009 N 6th Ave
Wauchula FL 33873-1678
8637739058    Other/Alternative 
Hardee Junior High200 S Florida Ave
Wauchula FL 33873-3024
8637733147   1,141 Regular 
Hardee Senior High830 Altman Rd
Wauchula FL 33873-9453
8637733181   1,250 Regular 
North Wauchula Elementary1120 N Florida Ave
Wauchula FL 33873-3068
8637732183   632 Regular 
Pioneer Career Academy2630 Academy Dr
Zolfo Springs FL 33890-3707
8637352300   16 Other/Alternative 
Wauchula Elementary400 S Florida Ave
Wauchula FL 33873-3050
8637733141   633 Regular 
Zolfo Springs Elementary3215 Schoolhouse Rd
Zolfo Springs FL 33890-0807
8637351221   627 Regular